Narrow wooden flooring – Why should you choose them?

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When it comes to interior design or décor, we all perceive things that are seen differently or in a different setup. Unusual flooring is the new trend, but it also means we get back to the old traditional style of flooring. Wooden flooring is now artificially aged and in high demand. Especially narrow wooden flooring is highly influenced by the flooring used hundreds of years ago.

Narrow boards are sized just 5 inches or less. They are very commonly used and versatile. They are very easy to manufacture and come in various shapes and sizes.

Where is it used?

The narrow wooden flooring gives a formal setting or office look. They are thinner and produce a chunky look that is apparent in the size and shape of the room. This means that installing narrow wooden flooring under a casual setting can create a formal and distinguished look. However, it is also much more suitable for residential rooms such as dining rooms or guest rooms. For instance, if you have a highly polished dining table, narrow floorboards are the most significant attribute. It enhances the charm and the standard of the room. For a better backdrop or to highlight the table, you can’t go wrong with distressed wide wooden flooring.

How it changes the dimensions of the room?

For small rooms:

Narrow boards will give an exotic look of utilizing the space of any room, especially if you have used bright colours on your wall.

For bigger rooms:

For bigger rooms, it’s much easier to choose the wooden board for flooring. Narrow or wide wooden boards can make your larger rooms look smaller and smaller rooms look bigger. Some of the interior decors are brilliant to mix with both wide and narrow wooden flooring to create an extravagant style. Consider this, you have a rectangular room, there are two ways in which you can floor it. Firstly, you can mix both types of wooden board in the middle of the room, and you can use any one of the types outside of them. Secondly, either use narrow or wide board entirely or use the opposite type of board at the centre.

Long rooms:

The first principle to follow in flooring long rooms is to make them look wider. The narrow floorboards here are laid perpendicular to the broader side of the room whilst they create short dimensions in the room. The panel looks unique and concentrates on the pattern.

Narrow rooms:

Like longer rooms, here the principle is vice versa. We need to make the narrow rooms to look wider. The panels are placed perpendicular to the narrow end of the room along the side. You will be surprised to see the immediate effect.

There are various ways to install narrow wooden flooring you have purchased from us at flooringvillage, more than just those mentioned above, for more information on our flooring or to get help installing them please get in touch today.

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