Are you buying a new home? Get Engineering Wooden floor installed!

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Wooden Flooring is 100% natural and appears as a timeless classic if maintained properly. They are still used in many modern homes around the world and are one of the more popular flooring methods. Engineered wood flooring is worth considering if you wanted to keep it simple and still make your home look lively. There is a common misconception that engineered flooring, and laminate flooring are one and the same, but, they both are entirely different.

Laminate wooden flooring is printed wooden designs and patterns whilst engineered wooden flooring is made from real wood throughout. Due of the deceptive appearance and solid feel, they are often confused.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineering Wooden flooring has multiple layers, that can range from three to twelve, glued together using the hot press method. They consist of three essential and constant layers. These sheets are placed in opposite directions to provide greater strength and stability, more than your normal solid wooden flooring.

The solid layer: The one which is visible to the eyes, the top layer and is made of solid wood. They form a plank surface. The thick top layer is called as ‘Lamella,’ and the thickness may range from 2 to 6mm. Depending on the wood you purchase, the lamella is sanded and comes in a wide variety of woods.

The core layer is a supportive baseboard which has high-density fibreboard usually softwood or plywood. They are used to groove the joint system otherwise act as a ‘tongue of the floor.’

The backboards form the base of the flooring, which is firm and makes it stable without slipping from the cup. This type of layered wood can be guaranteed up to 30 years, and there is no possibility for it to shrink, swell or be affected by humidity.

Why engineering wooden flooring?

Woods are generally hygroscopic, which means it can absorb moisture very easily. This may result in the wood contracting or expanding due to them absorbing and releasing moisture. Normal wooden flooring often has an impact based on the climate. Engineered wood is highly constructed with limits to the movement, making it more reliable for all climates. The multi-layered structure is one of the key contributions in making the floor stable and durable.

Engineered wooden flooring has different types of a joint to fit the solid wood. There is no need for nails or any adhesive materials to install them. This guileless process is simple while they are floating over the underlay and can be fixed using click options. That’s why fitting them is easier and faster. This can cut down your labour and budget heavily compared to solid wood.

Most of the modern homes today are using underfloor heating, and they are no more a luxury but a one time quality investment. Even if you are renovating or installing new tiles for your home, underfloor heating has become the preferred method. This is more suitable for engineered wooden flooring rather than the solid wood which cannot withstand the heat generated during the process.

Investing in engineered wood Flooring with Floor Village is probably the most suitable for your new homes and can be installed in many areas, contact us today for more info.

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