Woodpecker Flooring Styles

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Woodpecker flooring styles

Woodpecker is a brand of real wood flooring available in engineered wood or laminate. Read more about Woodpecker flooring styles to learn about how it can make your home look fantastic (even if you don’t have a big budget!), or you can view our collection of Woodpecker wood flooring at Flooring Village.

You might not walk into a room and immediately notice the flooring. However, without you realising, flooring can create a great atmosphere or ruin the look of a room, depending on the style you choose.

Flooring is not just an accessory, it can be an important piece in bringing a room together, especially after you make a big decor or design change. If you’re a new home owner or interested in interior decorating, the flooring should be important to you.


Woodpecker flooring provides you with a variety of collections in wood and laminate floorings. It is in your hands on selecting the best floors that suit your taste and style. These products are offered in various colours, and you can select a colour that suits your style, giving you a more sophisticated feel.

Engineered Wood

Woodpecker have a range of engineered wood flooring options that look like real, solid wood, but with a range of benefits that include water resistance, great durability and a nicer price tag!


Woodpecker also have a huge range of laminate flooring. It’s easier to clean than engineered wood and has an even lower price range. It’s ideal for bathrooms and kitchens that need that extra bit of waterproofing. Woodpecker have two laminate ranges: Brecon and Wembury.

Check out the Woodpecker laminate range for yourself!


Woodpecker’s flooring thicknesses don’t have much variation, but this is because it’s not needed! The thickness doesn’t impact the look, but it does ensure that the flooring is durable. The planks used to make the wood flooring have a thickness of around 10mm and a warranty of 25 years. This type of flooring is perfect for places where people are constantly walking.

Maintaining the floor is also made easy with cleaning products compatible with your wooden floors. These cleaning products lift stains, grime, dirt, and make your floor looking as good as new. Proper cleaning with proper products reduces the wear and tear of your floor, leading to a better floor life. This cleaning product allows you to achieve the results only professionals could achieve.

New Woodpecker Styles

Goodrich Ecru Oak is the preferred style of woodpecker wooden flooring for residential purposes. They are appreciated by many families since they always give a fresh look. They are an elegance of ash, oak combined with cotton oak, creating a lovely warm look. It’s one of Woodpecker’s newer ranges and looks fantastic!

Goodrich Parquet flooring is highly suited for business or commercial purposes. This range looks practical and beautiful. Office spaces look fresh and modern with this type of wood flooring, especially when paired with suitable furniture and accessories.

The best way to explore the Woodpecker style range is to explore the collection at Flooring Village!

Woodpecker Harlech oak brushed flooring

About Woodpecker

Woodpecker wooden flooring can be great for both time and budget constraints, depending on the style you choose.

It is the new popular trend, and their art of manufacturing facilities is no match to any other type of flooring. Woodpecker floors add personality to any home as they use only high-grade woods for stunning results. They are ethically sourced and transport every timber with care. Not only that, woodpecker offer a 25-year guarantee with each tile, so you can be confident in their durability — for both domestic and commercial purposes.

Ethos and History

Woodpecker aims to provide the best wood flooring. Woodpecker is one of the older businesses in the timber industry, run by a family for over three generations. The company was started in 1975 by Bruce Ker, a skilled craftsman. Bruce Ker also helped to teach other people how to work with timber. The company was then passed on to his son Nelson, who continued in focusing the business on woodworking machines.

It was during the year 2003 that Nelson Ker utilized the huge reserve of mechanical experience and woodworking to apply it on manufacturing premium quality flooring. The company excels in understanding different species of trees, honing the grading process and using the ancient techniques to produce the best wooden floor for the consumers.

Woodpecker aims to provide the toughest flooring at every stage of production including selecting, stacking, drying, kilning, cutting and finishing. With the best production and implementation of wooden flooring, Woodpecker offers a 25-year warranty. This flooring will bring you a warm and radiant atmosphere in your home for more than three decades, giving it not just a budget friendly overlay, but saving you money years down the line!

These days, a lot of modern homes use this brand of floorboard in their kitchens, halls, bedrooms and living rooms. You can also find styles of Woodpecker floor suitable for businesses including restaurants, boutiques and hotels.

Why Woodpecker Flooring?

If you want to create a beautiful floor but have a tight budget, natural and original styles aren’t always possible. However, Woodpecker wooden flooring imitates solid wood textures to create fantastic styles without the big cost.

With a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, you’ll be amazed at the options you have. They are crafted in such a way that they have an aesthetic and traditional aged wooden look.

What Makes It Unique?

  1. Features – Woodpecker flooring is raw and original and is a great pair with any interior. It attracts natural light, reflecting and creating a softer more positive look. They fashion a calmer environment for living and working.
  2. Accessories – if you have an interior with natural plants like grass, leaves, and flowers, Woodpecker wooden flooring can create a wave pattern, bringing the room together. Even water features such as fountains, rock garden and aquariums shine with this flooring.
  3. Spacing – The combination of wooden flooring can create sections, and you can have designate parts throughout any room. When complemented with furniture, you can create areas for drinking, relaxing or cooking.

If you’re looking for the best Woodpecker flooring then look no further. We supply a wide range of woodpecker flooring in a variety of colours and styles. If you’d like to know more about the flooring that we have in stock please get in touch. You can contact us either by phone, email or by filling out the contact form on our site.

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