Can I stick Luxury Vinyl Planks to any floor?

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Stick Down Luxury Vinyl Tile

The quickest way to answer this is no! We see time and time again builders sticking Luxury Vinyl Planks direct to whatever subflor is there, in our experience this is due to poor product knowledge and not the training for such a specialist product. There are a few rules to follow when it comes to adhering an LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile to the subfloor and we’ll tell you what those are.

  1. Your subfloor should be concrete, calcium sulphate, cement based or plywood (Not chipboard, Tiles, MDF!)
  2. Your subfloor should be dry, many times we have seen no prior checks when it comes to moisture, its true that the product it self is 100% waterproof but the glues are not, the glue is the most important part, if the moisture starts to distrupt the bond your vinyl planks will tent, peak and gap, eventually leaving them unusable.
  3. Use the right glue for the right area, this is all down to manufacturer guide lines, the post common type of glues for luxury vinyl tiles are “Pressure Senstive” and “High Temperature”. Pressure sensitive glues are commonly used through out all rooms of the house and high temperature or HT as its commonly called is used in conservatories, with underfloor heating and anywhere where the floor temperature will exceed normal limits.
  4. Its got to be level! I once was asked to view an installation that we supplied, the customer was using her builder so I gave all the advice I could but ultimately it was up to the builder to perform his checks and make sure everything is right. I went to view the installed floor and I could see the problem straight away, the floor wasn’t level, it had humps and bumps everywhere and looked a mess. I had told the customer to make sure the builder got the floor level before he did anything else, the builders reply to me bringing this up was “you didn’t specify how level” – I didn’t tell him how level because in my mind their is no such thing as how level, level is a difinitive word, like yes and no, You can’t be a bit yes & a bit no. The reason I’m saying this is because the manufacturer will always give you a level to work with, my level is level, which to me is perfect, but to everyone else manufacturers ask for an SR1, this is as level as our Bristish Standard goes. SR1 Means…

2-m straightedge laid in contact with the screed

Maximum gap measured with a slip gauge = 3mm

SR1       3mm

The above are the most important things when it comes to subfloors and sticking your luxury vinyl tile floors, but remember, you should always check and refer to the manufacturer installation instructions as these will give you a difinitive guide to installing your new floor.

If you are finding that stick your luxury vinyl tile flooring down is a bit scary or too much effort, have a look at the Malmo Rigid collection or Quick-Step Livyn, these are click systems that go on an underlay and require less subfloor preperation.

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