Why does my wood flooring have black around the edges?

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Water Damage on wood flooring

Why does my wood flooring have black around the edges?


If our years in flooring have taught us anything, its that moisture and wood floors do not play nicely together.

If your solid, engineered or laminate flooring has a blackness around the bevel, then 9 times out of 10 it will be due to moisture, this can be from moisture in the subfloor coming upwards or moisture from the surface warping and discolouring the floors edge.

One way to find the answer to this question is to be honest with yourself! Do you wet mop the floor? Do you steam clean the floor? Have you got a leak that you might of left for a bit too long?

If the answer is yes to the above, then great! All is not lost, you can fix the drip, stop using the steam cleaner and mop! Let your floor dry out and sand it back! Hopefully your flooring is not too far gone and all can be saved!


If you answered the above with, “We haven’t got a leak, We don’t steam clean or mop our floors!”


Okay, this is where our story takes a darker turn! I’m not saying I’ve got a crystal ball, but, your dark edges could be from a damp subfloor, or a leak beneath the wood flooring.

The only way to know, is to get a specialist in, they can take readings of the wood to see how high the moisture content is, if the moisture content is high enough, this will mean taking up your wood floor to address the problems underneath. (I’m so sorry!)


The dark edges are created by dirt, the dirt is embedded in to the wood grain by the moisture. The moisture opens the pores of the wood, dirt then gets trapped inside.


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