Why choose laminate flooring for your home?

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Why choose laminate flooring for your home?


Why choose laminate flooring for your home?

What makes laminate flooring a great solution to your flooring needs? Read on to find out.

Minimalist living spaces are popular choices at the moment. Neutral walls and sleek flooring are design staples hat people want to emulate at home. Laminate flooring is perfect for these interior designs, but what benefits can it bring to your home over traditional flooring choices such as carpet or real wood flooring?

Laminate flooring doesn’t harbour things such as dirt and dust like a carpet. It is also easy to sanitise meaning it is a hygienic, easy care flooring that can be sparkling clean at all times. This makes it a good choice for people suffering from allergies or that have a high foot fall in the home. If things such as household cleaners or chemicals are spilt on laminate they shouldn’t cause it any harm whereas they may damage carpet or become embedded in the fibres releasing odour into the air. Laminate doesn’t fade in sunlight or over time so it retains its good looks whereas carpet can fade and start to look shabby.

You might ask why choose laminate flooring instead of a hardwood flooring? They both have a similar look and similar attributes. However, cost is the major difference. Real wood flooring can be a lot more expensive than laminate flooring and it is not necessarily as durable as it can sometimes scratch more easily. Laminate is hard wearing and won’t generally scratch from things such as high heels and pet claws. It is also burn resistant so if embers from a cigarette or the fire drop on it, it’s unlikely to mark or discolour it. This contrasts to real wood flooring or carpets that are likely to mark.

Tiles can break easily and can be hard to install or remove. They can also become slippy underfoot and are not ideal for areas such as sitting rooms unless you live in a very hot environment.

The other option is vinyl flooring. Traditional vinyl can give a cheaper looking finish than laminate. However, there are newer options available such as the Proclick vinyl tiles by Tuscan that give a similar finished look to laminate. Laminate flooring can often be warmer underfoot than vinyl as it is generally a thicker product with wood content. Laminate is also seen as a higher end product than traditional vinyl so if you were to sell your house buyers would find it more attractive.

If you are interested in using laminate flooring, real wood flooring or vinyl tiles in your home then contact the Flooring Village. They will be able to advise you on the best flooring for your home and discus the pros and cons of each flooring so you can make an informed decision. They have a wide choice of flooring finishes so you will find a colour and style to suit you.

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