Does Narrow Engineered Wood Flooring make my room bigger?

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Does Narrow Engineered Wood Flooring make my room look bigger?

Narrow engineered wood flooring is a popular choice amongst customers, narrow planks are typically cut between 90mm to 150mm wide but come in many different lengths, colours and designs.  A perfect example of a slim or skinny engineered wood flooring is Parquet, this was designed to be narrow and short for full effect.


What is classed as “narrow’ ‘skinny’ ‘slim’ engineered wood flooring?

It’s in the eye of the beholder, so to speak, these planks range from 90mm to 150mm with a popular size of 125mm and 130mm narrow engineered fooring. 90mm boards are normally constructed for parquet floors as this size is easily adaptable for many different designs.  120mm to 150mm widths are normally reserved for single plank designs, these are perfect for every day homes and family rooms.

so, to anwser our question; Does Narrow Engineered Wood Flooring make my room look bigger?

Always think about the size of the room before purchasing your floor. A narrow floor can look busy on the floor so typically suit a bigger more spacious room, this helps to bring proportion to the room, Because the narrow floor can look busy this may make a smaller room look closed in. We often see narrow floors in small rooms that look perfect, this is due to a light floor, light walls and light furniture.


We believe that it is personal preference, we recommened buying samples of narrow and wide boards, both light and dark, place them in your room and let the floors do the talking.

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