What underlay for vinyl click flooring?

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Vinyl Click, LVT Click or Luxury Vinyl Tile Click is the fastest growing product in the UK, every builder, flooring showroom and major retailing will have this on display. The main problem with this is that the product is new to the market not many DIYers or Builders know much about it!

One major problem we see if the wrong underlay being used, this product is different from a laminate and therefor needs a completely different underlay.

The underlay that is most commonly used is a 1mm or 1.5mm and is made from Extruded closed cell polyolefin foam, in English please? High Dense Foam, The reason you need a dense foam is because the products click system is small and thin, it needs something dense to sit on, if not it can tent and break the click system. Click Vinyls can also be laid without an underlay but always check this with the manufacturer.

Some recommended underlays and their properties can be found below.

Quick-Step Livyn Basic Vinyl Click Underlay

Damp Proof Membrane: Yes

Thickness: 1mm

Sound Reduction: 19db

Coverage: 15m² (15.306m x 0.98m roll)

Levels out your subfloor

Supports your click system

Underfloor heating compatible

Quick-Step Livyn SUNHEAT LVT Click Underlay

Damp Proof Membrane: Yes

Thickness: 1.5mm

Coverage: 10m² (10m x 1m roll

Sound reducing: 15db

Leveling effect

Suitable for underfloor heating

Suitable for Conservatories and areas of high temperature

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