Best Underlayment For Vinyl Click Flooring

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Quick Step basic underlay for vinyl
Vinyl Click, sometimes called LVT Click or Luxury Vinyl Tile Click, is the fastest growing flooring product in the UK. Every builder, flooring showroom and major retailer will have this on display. The main problem with this is that the product is new to the market; not many DIYers or Builders know much about it which can lead to problems. The most common of which is choosing the wrong underlayment.


Vinyl Click Underlayment

Vinyl is different from laminate in a number of ways and therefore needs a different underlay to effectively support it and to ensure the floor performs effectively. Read more about the type of underlay that works best for vinyl click flooring.

It’s also worth noting that not every LVT (luxury vinyl tile) needs underlay. Vinyl tiles themselves are designed with a base layer which can substitute underlay in some instances. However, this will be dependent on your subfloor and installation method.

Click flooring is installed through a floating floor method. Floating floors are often best combined with underlay to maximise the effectiveness of the floor and to ensure there are no subfloor irregularities that might impact its performance. However, this isn’t a requirement. Check with the manufacturer of your chosen floor to see if an underlay is recommended or not. Commonly, if you prefer not to lay an underlayment with vinyl, then this is a viable decision provided that your subfloor is smooth and level.

High Density Foam Underlay

The underlay that is most commonly used is either 1mm or 1.5mm in thickness and is made from extruded closed cell polyolefin foam. In other words, a high density foam.

A dense foam underlay is essential because the vinyl click system is small and thin. It needs something dense and supportive to sit on to avoid pressure denting or breaking the click system.

Recommended Underlayment

Read about our recommended underlays. These are the underlayment that we consider to be some of the best choices to pair with vinyl click flooring.

Quick-Step Livyn Basic Vinyl Click Underlay

This Quick Step Basic underlay is specifically designed by Quick Step to be a perfect match for their Livyn vinyl range, which is one of the best forms of LVT on the market. It also pairs well with other brands of click vinyl.

It’s the best choice of underlay for general areas of the home, especially those with a concrete subfloor as the damp proof membrane will protect the flooring from moisture. It helps to level out an uneven subfloor so the click vinyl can be laid effectively.

The material of this underlayment creates the perfect support base to protect the click system from damage.

Read more of its features:

Damp Proof Membrane: Yes
Thickness: 1mm
Sound Reduction: 19db
Coverage: 15m² (15.306m x 0.98m roll)
Levels out your subfloor
Supports your click system
Underfloor heating compatible

Quick-Step Livyn SUNHEAT LVT Click Underlay

Quick Step Sunheat underlay is the best underlayment for flooring that needs to be able to withstand temperature changes, such as vinyl being placed in conservatories or with underfloor heating. It helps to protect the floor as it reacts to extreme temperature conditions (cold in the winter and hot in the summer).

Read more about its features:

Damp Proof Membrane: Yes
Thickness: 1.5mm
Coverage: 10m² (10m x 1m roll
Sound reducing: 15db
Leveling effect
Suitable for underfloor heating
Suitable for Conservatories and areas of high temperature

If you want more advice on choosing the best underlayment for your new vinyl click flooring, then get in touch with us. You can call us on 01283 547528.

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