How to take care of Tuscan flooring

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A Tuscan hardwood flooring requires correct care & maintenance for ensuring that the floor always looks at its best and aids its long term reliability as well as performance. You can ensure proper care and maintenance by keeping a few points in mind.

It is good to use door mats at every external entrance and other high traffic areas of the floor. This significantly helps in avoiding dirt and grit being walked onto the floor. Always use suitable cleaning products that are especially designed for cleaning and maintaining the wood floor. Use of various cleaning products that are not confirmed to be suitable for the Tuscan flooring product may also invalidate the product warranty.

Using furniture protection pads under all furniture legs and feet avoids damage being caused by the movement of furniture across the floor. It is wise to use workstation mats at desks, under chairs and in front of the furniture where footfall is continual in a small specified area. This avoids damage and excessive or accelerated wear from castors, chair feet, and specific continual footfall in such areas.

The relative humidity within the room should be kept between 35 to 55% as this minimizes the floors’ natural tendency of movement during different seasons of the year. Small humidity meters can be used for this purpose and they are relatively inexpensive options.

It is essential to protect the floor from constant direct sunlight as possible in areas subject to constant sunlight exposure. Constant exposure leads to aging and discolouration at an accelerated rate in comparison to shaded areas of the floor. In case mats or rugs are laid on the floor, they should be occasionally repositioned for avoiding edge discolouration beneath them and at the edges as the flooring gets older. As a Tuscan floor is a natural product, so it will show signs of movement, such as minor gapping, during the different seasons of the year as it reacts normally to its environmental conditions.

The shade and colour variance is also a normal feature of wooden flooring. The blending of the boards is a part of the wood floor installation process for achieving an acceptable overall blended appearance when fitted.

Wet mopping the flooring leads to excessive expansion of the floor and can cause possible damage to the lacquered or oiled surface finishes. Never use any type of steam mop or steam cleaning product on the Tuscan flooring as heat and humidity affect the natural wood product as well as its surface finish.

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