How To Decorate Your Kitchen

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Decorated kitchen

When it comes to taking your kitchen up a notch, in appearance and performance, it can be hard to know where to begin! You need to consider a lot of things such as what elements require repairing, removal, restoring or replacing. In this article, we shall talk about some of the ways in which you can decorate your kitchen effectively and in a way that works for you.

Decorating Tips

Make small changes

Small changes can make a big difference. It can be a great place to start if you want to refresh the look of your kitchen, but don’t have a big budget.

Start by taking an honest look around the kitchen. If it’s filled with a lot of items, it could look untidy so decluttering can be a great first step. Pack away items you don’t use often into storage and take them out only when you need them. If there are things that are broken, throw them away and if there’s anything you just don’t use, take them to a charity shop. This will clear a lot of space so that the remaining items can be systematically arranged and ensure it looks tidy and clutter-free. This small change can really make your kitchen feel nicer.

Consider replacing some other small items around your kitchen. For example, sort through your mug collection and get rid of chipped or damaged items. Replace them with a set of mugs that match. Matching sets can help make your kitchen look great.


Flooring is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of decorating the kitchen, or any room for that matter, but it does often get overlooked! Having a beautiful floor makes a huge difference to the overall look of the room. It is one of the elemental aspects of maintaining a good and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.

Think about how your flooring matches your space in terms of colour and consider the type of flooring you have. Would a wood-effect laminate look better or maybe luxury vinyl?

Why is Malmo Rigid the perfect floor for DIY Kitchens

One of our personal favourite kitchen floor options is Malmo Rigid luxury vinyl tile (LVT). It’s particularly great for DIY flooring when you want to save costs by fitting your floor yourself.

Malmo Rigid offers easy installation combined with modern colours and outstanding wear performance. It has three ranges: Malmo Wide, Malmo Narrow & Malmo Tiles. These three ranges host a wide election of colours and plank widths to suit everyone’s taste.

It uses the world renowned Valigne 5G Click System. This makes for perfect installations, cutting down on time and making it easier to install. The push down end joints means it’s possible to fit into very tight spaces and is easy for DIY.

Malmo Rigid LVT has a built in 1mm underlay so you don’t have to buy seperate underlays and save time installing separate underlay and flooring. This provides the ultimate in convenience flooring.

Finally, it is also 100% waterproof. Kitchens are often splash zones, from washing up to spilt drinks, but Malmo Flooring provides a great worry-free solution that means your flooring will look great even if it gets a little splashed!

There are loads of different flooring options, but changing your tired floor for a new one will make a big difference in freshening up your kitchen.

Malmo rigid vinyl

Kitchen Colour

With the right choice of colour, you can make any kitchen look and feel cosy. Colour is a very important consideration as it plays a vital role in the mood, appearance and setting of any room.

You don’t need to stick to one colour. You can choose to go with different shades and different hues. You can also go with a combination of colours. This can be helpful and give the room a very sassy appearance. Feature walls are often a great idea. Choose one single colour for most of the room with a splash of another colour in one place. It can help add interest without making the kitchen as a whole feel too busy.

Put out fresh flowers

If you are interested in a livelier decoration, then you can put out flowers. Flowers add to the kitchen environment, making it feel more fresh and welcoming. If you have allergies, you could always opt for potted plants that don’t produce flowers, like spider plants or succulents. These help to bring in some natural colour and make the room feel more homey.

Make seasonal changes

Seasonal changes can be a fun thing to do to give the kitchen a renewed look and appearance around the year. This can revive the environment of the kitchen and can set it up for the season to come, making it feel more welcoming according to the weather and the environment.

For example, in the summer you could opt for a more minimalist, fresh design with more things put away in cupboards. In the winter, you could add more lamps and cosy lighting, even candles, to make it feel more cosy.

Change the utensils and cookery items

You could change the utensils and cooking items in the kitchen, such as new sets of trays, plates, glassware, coffee mugs and tea cups. Matching sets help bring the room together so, if you can, go for an entire set. This should look great!

If you want a new floor to brighten up your kitchen, we have loads at Flooring Village! Explore our collection of engineered wood, luxury vinyl and laminate flooring.

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