How to choose the right laminate floor for your home?

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Choose the right laminate flooring for your home

The more options you have, the harder it can be to find the one you want. It works in most aspects: selecting a meal at a restaurant, deciding what to watch on Netflix or picking a snack from the shop! Choosing the right laminate flooring is no different. With advancing flooring technologies, there’s a wider range of laminate flooring than ever before. From different brands, such as Woodpecker flooring or Quick-Step laminate, to different styles, colours and patterns. This can make it difficult for homeowners to make the right decision and know what will work best for their home.

Read our guide on how to pick the right laminate floor for your home.

Choosing Laminate Flooring By Room

Each corner of your household has different needs when it comes to flooring. As a result, you might need different floors for different rooms.


Your hallway and entrance-way are important because they’re the first place your guests see when they enter. It shapes the feel of the house as a whole and sets the tone.

Moreover, this is the place that encounters extensive foot traffic and therefore, you should select a flooring that is sturdy and durable. For hallways, we suggest you choose thick laminate such as 12mm Kronoswiss laminate flooring, such as that pictured below.

If you have had carpets in the hallway previously, you might have noticed worn-down areas. Because the hallway connects all the rooms of the house, it has a lot of foot traffic, but there might be places that get more wear than others due to certain rooms being used more, for example. In areas of your hallway that get more foot traffic than others, you could consider adding a rug which will help to protect your floor and extend its lifespan.

You should use a doormat in the entrance of your hallway to reduce the grit and dirt entering your home. Grit can scratch laminate floors, so it will help to protect the floor from damage.

Living Room

Your living room is a cosy corner for you and your family. It must be a versatile space that is suitable for children through to adults, catering for all activities. This is the place where you will spend most of the time with friends and family. It won’t have the same heavy footfall as your hallway so you shouldn’t need as thick a laminate.

A light-coloured Woodpecker flooring, for example, might work well in the living room. The light colour means it’s extremely versatile, able to match with a range of different kinds of furniture and decor. A light floor is also a good choice for making a room feel more spacious and open.

Woodpecker laminate for a living room


The kitchen flooring should be moisture resistant and easy to clean as it is likely to experience a lot of spills and splashes! We have a massive range of waterproof laminate flooring. Quick-Step laminate has a lot of choices in their ‘Hydroseal’ ranges that cover a massive choice of colours and designs.

A cool, light colour is usually preferred for kitchens as it helps them to feel open and welcoming. The flooring should be sturdy and durable such as this Quick Step kitchen floor that’s 12mm thick and waterproof.


Here you should focus on the functionality over the design as this will ensure you get a floor that lasts a long time. The floor should be anti-slip, water resistant and should be cleaned easily. If you have different decor for your bathrooms, your flooring should match as well. There are various options to choose from, but something neutral usually works best for bathrooms, such as a grey colour.

Dining Room

Your dining area is one of the most important places in your home. The room should be welcoming and homely, as this is the place where your family eats together. You can play with colours, such as adding a dark wood flooring for a more pleasing look. The aim is to create a relaxing ambiance at the dinner table.

It could be helpful to choose a moisture resistant laminate flooring for this room, as there’s a risk of spilled drinks, especially if you have a young family!


Choosing The Right Laminate

There are lots of things to take into account when choosing the right laminate for your home and for your room. Every room has different requirements, so ensure you think about both practicality and appearance to get the ideal laminate floor for you.

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